Sunday, January 20, 2008

So many sites so little time

I used to have a blogspot blog but it seems to have disappeared! Oh well ... I only used it to point visitors to my active blogs and websites and that's what I'll do with this blog too.

I've been blogging for almost two years now, but I've maintained websites since 1995. My websites are pet (reptile!) care related, but my blogs are all about me and the things that interest me.

My main blog is Tricia's Musings. I guess it's my me blog. It's about my life and touches on all my interests and day to day activities. You'll find posts about my life with my character of a husband, my take on life in Toronto, my puppy, my garden and interesting blog or tech related tidbits that I find in my day to day travels across the net. I enjoy photography so many of my posts contain photos that I've taken as I'm out and about.

Once I got into blogging and discovered that I had a lot of interests to talk about I created new blogs to cover those topics ...

As the Garden Grows is a blog about my garden, gardening tips, resources and advice. Plant profiles posted regularly. Well it started out as a gardening blog but it's more of a home and garden blog as I talk about renovating my house and cool finds for the home and garden on that blog too. I started a garden and nature related meme called Green Thumb Sunday in June of 2006 and it's become quite popular. If you have an interest in gardening or enjoy taking photos of nature consider joining Green Thumb Sunday. We'd love to see your photos.

Breath of Life photography is my photo blog. You'll find photos of my garden plants - especially roses, and photos of Toronto like the Beaches area as well as photos of my travels, landscapes, nature, cityscapes and pretty much whatever catches my fancy.

Celebrity Scoop
- Get the latest information and gossip about your favorite stars, where they hang out- nightclubs, awards, premieres, film production as well as information about hot trends, fashion and shopping.

WebStyle - Information about webdesign and site maintenance as well as SEO - marketing and optimizing your site. Technology news and cool gadgets discussed often. Regularly updated.

The Web Files - Tips and advice on marketing and optimizing your website, as well as information about technology and web news, resources, building traffic and PR, plus how-to articles. Updated regularly.

You are in My World Now - This is a blog that discusses my life, life in Toronto, my new Labrador Retriever puppy my garden and just my interests in general.

My websites are about the keeping of reptiles - mainly lizards! however there's a ton of information on them about snakes, frogs, invertebrates, and turtles too.

The oldest website (since 1995) is Tricia's Chinese Water Dragon, Reptile and Amphibian Care. it contains complete care information for the chinese water dragon lizard and the Iguana as well as care information for over 100 commonly kept reptiles and amphibians. Herp resources, suppliers and breeders, herpetological societies and herp veterinarians listings.

My other herp related website is called Reptile Logic and it has reptile and amphibian care information as well as herp links, resources and a herp blog that site members can use to blog about their exotic pets.

I got my husband into blogging now too. He's a musician.. He plays 13 instruments, but his main love is the guitar. So he's got not one but two guitar and music related blogs, plus a humor blog.

Guitar Licks - Discusses all aspects of guitar and other musical instruments as well as musical equipment. Guitar tabs, and guitar chords as well as posts about famous guitar musicians are regular features. Video guitar lessons to come shortly.

Guitar Licks and Tips ... the description for Guitar licks and tips is basically the same as Guitar licks. The first guitar blog is on my domain and we wanted to get him his own domain so he started this second guitar and music related blog. Perhaps in time this blog will be his sole guitar related blog.

Odd Planet - People do strange things - keep up with the latest weird news and dumb criminal stories on Odd Planet. The stories are fun and humorous and should make you laugh. Updated regularly.

Well there you have it! Whew! Well ok ... there's a few more blogs in the works, young blogs that aren't quite ready for their unveiling yet. Surely this is enough of a selection to get your interest peeked?

Update - Back in September I added another website to my arsenal. It's called The Tech Store and like it's title says it's fully of great high tech products and gadgets like HDTV's, computers, computer accessories, ipods, software and more. check it out!

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